Our Leadership

Margary Rogers

Margary Rogers RPR, CRI, RSA, is an Official Court Reporter in Washington, D.C. for 19 years and was a freelance reporter for three years. She has also provided CART services as an official court reporter and freelancer. Margary obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Court Reporting, an Associates Degree in Legal Assistant and a Concentration in Psychology from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island.

Ms. Rogers has been a board member, the secretary and the President-Elect of the Maryland Court Reporters Association.

She loves giving back to her court reporting community. She has earned her Court Reporting Instructor Certification (CRI) in 2002. She taught court reporting at universities and community colleges, including Anne Arundel Community College in Hanover, Maryland; Howard University Continuing Education Department in Silver Spring, Maryland and Reporting Academy of Virginia in Northern Virginia. She is a NCRF Angel and a student sponsor. Ms. Rogers is the Chair of NCRA’s Membership Committee, 2021-2022. Margary is also a member of NCRA’s Student/Teacher Committee 2020-2021 and 2021-2022; NCRA’s Political Action (PAC) Governing Committee 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 and NCRA’s Brand Ambassador Council, 2021-2022. In past years, she was also a member of NCRA’s Peers Helping Peers Committee.

Supporting court reporting students brings her joy. Margary hosted a “High Tea for High Achievers” event in 2019 during the Denver NCRA convention for court reporting students. She has also written several articles for the NCRA Student Newsletter and for the JCR Magazine. A few of her recent articles in the JCR, in which she collaborated with other court reporters, are “Back into the Groove of Testing,” “Court Reporting & Motherhood,” “What are you thinking about?”, “Stenographers Leveling up with Certifications,” “Court Reporting Karaoke,” and many more.

Margary loves being creative and planning events. In 2020, Ms. Rogers created a Facebook group and page entitled “Stenographers Leveling up with Certifications,” a group that encourages court reporters to obtain court reporting certifications. She is also the creator of the Facebook group “Steno Fitness Challenge til Orlando 2022!”, a challenge to keep stenographers exercising, given the sedentary nature of our jobs. She has created and hosted numerous Court Reporting Zoom events, including Court Reporting Karaoke; Paint Your Certs; Leveling up with Service; CRR “It Pays to Phrase” practice sessions, which include seminars for CEU credits. Margary has also designed Steno merchandize and flyers that promote court reporting and certifications. She is one of the creators of the Facebook group “Court Reporting Merch.”

Diversity and inclusion are very important to Ms. Rogers. She believes that everyone should be recognized and appreciated when they excel and serve. She hosted an event entitled “African-American Excellence of Court Reporting, an event honoring African-American court reporters who have obtained the highest certification in courting reporting, the RDR. And later this year, she will collaborate with the LGBTQ Community in court reporting and host an event focused on LGBTQ.

Margary has been a NCRA member for over 20 years and has been a seminar speaker at NCRA and MCRA annual conventions and conferences. Ms. Rogers participates in promotion and marketing events for Court Reporting & Captioning Week at her job, in her community and via social media.

Margary graduated from the Management Training Program at D.C. Superior Court in 2010 and is currently a Team Mentor for the 2021-2022 Management Training Program. Ms. Rogers is the Vice President of Membership for D.C. Courts Toastmasters, District 36, 2021-2022.

Ms. Rogers believes in being the best you can be in your profession and always giving back to a cause that is dear to your heart. Margary is a member of the 100-Day Challenge Steno Practice group, where she practices on her machine every day to become a better writer and test taker.

She has strong faith and believes that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, IF YOU ONLY BELIEVE.

Margary is the proud mother of one daughter, Ava. Margary loves to travel, rest, and spend time with her daughter.

Darian Elliott

Darian Elliott, RPR, CRC, Loves Captioning, its income earning potential, work/life balance, and the community and support that comes along with it. Currently, a Senior Real-time Reporter with the Social Security Administration, she’s been captioning and providing CART for 23 years for church services, news, council meetings, theatre, sports, and her favorite, classes for students. She’s Grateful for a profession where she can help deaf and hard of hearing individuals attain the same career advancements, or even just enjoy a good laugh at a television program, the same as a hearing individual.

Susan Liebrecht

Born in Washington, D.C., raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland and now living in Eldersburg, Carroll County.  She was president of her FBLA Chapter in high school and with an eye on the business world she attended a Senior Career Fair where Court & Conference Reporting at Strayer College in Washington, D.C. was highlighted.  Having an uncle, who was an agency owner, in the industry aided her decision in attending Strayer.  After graduation with an Associate’s degree in the summer of 1984, she joined his firm as a freelancer. 

She has been asked several times over the years to return to her high school and speak to students on Career Day about what a career in court reporting is and share some of her stories and experiences.

 Sue is very active in her church and enjoys singing, playing the flute and serving on the women’s ministry board.  Her other interests include reading, spending quality time with friends and enjoying all aspects of entertainment.  She also prides herself in being a self-taught techy.  Having never been married, she will admit she likes the freedom of single life.  She now shares a home with her sister, Julie, dog, Henna and cat, Nikka.

Sue has recently let go of her 30-plus year loyalty to her uncle’s firm and is branching out and discovering what other agencies have to offer.  She considers herself blessed to have found a career so rewarding.


Jeaninn Alexis
Board Member

Jeaninn Alexis is a stenographic court reporter. She attended Brown College of Court Reporting, obtaining a high level of training, and is now nearing five years of freelancing. Having obtained her education and skill at an amazing institution in the amazing state of Georgia, she chose to apply her skill in the great state of Maryland and the surrounding areas. She has taken arbitrations, hearings, and depositions of all kinds all throughout Maryland and D.C., none of which were short of intriguing. Before she became Madam Stenographer, she was an assiduous waitress who hustled hard, worked harder, but she knew she wanted and deserved much more.

As a young woman, who has always dreamed of seeing the world, this career has given her the chance to make those dreams actualities. Having traveled to many states and countries and enjoyed some of the most unbelievable experiences, she knows none of that would be possible if she didn’t become a stenographer. She has always and will continuously be on the road of betterment by daily practicing and pushing for passing the next test and certification. She’s always pushing to be her best self, stenographically. Feel free to reach her at jeaninnalexis@yahoo.com

Sherry C. Knox
Board Member

Sherry Knox is a freelance CART Provider/Captioner where she specializes in a variety of CART and captioning settings and platforms. She has been in this position since 1993 when she graduated from Court Reporting School. Sherry has dedicated her skill solely to providing CART and captioning in the disABILITIES community. Sherry was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in nearby Prince George’s County, Maryland. She currently lives in Camp Springs, Maryland and has a 19-year-old daughter and a 17-month-old granddaughter. Sherry says that COVID has put her in full-time telework mode, and she is enjoying it and strikes a balance with it all. She provides CART services for one person every day via remote CART; preCOVID, she was onsite. She has meetings throughout the day, so she provides CART for those meetings. Sherry says, “I’m a regular to her meetings, so her coworkers consider me part of the team.”

Sherry says stepping away from her desk on the hour to move her body is a good way to keep the blood flowing as she is sitting a lot throughout the day. She loves to stay physically fit and some hobbies she enjoys are scrapbooking, gardening, and decorating.