About Maryland Court Reporters Association (MCRA)

Our Mission

Founded in 1949, the Maryland Court Reporters Association (MCRA) is committed to advancing the court reporting profession by promoting court reporters as experts in the field of verbatim court reporting, providing continuing education to its members while advocating quality service, high ethical standards, and the application of state-of-the-art technology.  MCRA has provided social and educational opportunities to the court reporting community in Maryland.  Our profession has changed since 1949, but we remain committed to the same goals and purposes.


Our Purposes

The purposes of this Association:
  1. To assume responsibility for leadership of the court reporting profession and enlightenment of the users of verbatim reporting of proceedings and of the public regarding its special competency, importance, and value.
  2. To promote a broader understanding and acceptance of the qualified court reporter as indispensable to the judicial, administrative, and legislative process of the state and of the federal government departments and agencies within the state.
  3. To encourage, establish, and maintain high standards of professional education, competence, and performance.
  4. To further the exchange of knowledge.
  5. To stimulate and encourage the adoption of adequate training and educational facilities and programs for personnel in the field of court reporting in this state
  6. To promote professional ethics.
  7. To cooperate with state and local governments, their agencies, and other organized groups for the benefit of the public and for recognition of the court reporting profession.
  8. To conduct educational seminars and conferences.
  9. To disseminate accurate knowledge and information with respect to the court reporting profession
  10. To promote harmony and a spirit of mutual assistance between the profession of court reporting and the Courts and members of the Bar of this State
  11. To do all things that are lawful and appropriate in the furtherance of those purposes.


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