Becoming a member not only keeps you educated on what's happening in Maryland, but it also keeps you informed on the National level as well.  MCRA is an affiliated association with the National Court Reporters Association and our President distributes information regularly to its membership database.  MCRA provides quarterly newsletters, support to the schools and helps provide mentors for students.  Your membership helps court reporting in Maryland take a step in the right direction.

Below you will find a link for a Membership Application.   Please print and mail the application to the MCRA address on the form.

Thank you for joining MCRA.  Membership is from January 1st to December 31st.  Please read the following membership types:


An official court, legislative or regulatory commission court reporter; any person who is engaged as a court reporter in the active practice of general reporting.


A teacher of court reporting or anyone connected in an official capacity with a school or college conducting a court reporting course, or interested in the preservation, support, and advancement of the field of court reporting, but not in any way actively engaged in the verbatim reporting of proceedings, not otherwise eligible for membership, may, upon application and approval by the Executive Board, become an Associate member.  Such members need not meet the requirements for skill in the art of verbatim reporting of proceedings by the use of shorthand symbols or stenomask.


A person enrolled in a school or college conducting a court reporting course, or studying privately under a Registered Professional Reporter (a designation of NCRA) shall be eligible for student membership in the Association.

Fees:    Reporter $100        Associate $50        Student $25




Brinsfield, Cindy  (Associate)

Bahur, Linda

Brown, Janet

Campbell, Lisa

Caswell, Wendy

CRC Salomon

D'Argenio, Diane

Davis, Cindy

Dawson, Valerie

Ennis, Natalie

Feeney, Linda

Gasparik, Sheryl

Gazic, Nadine

Green, Roxanne

Hernandez, Phyllis

Hummon, Stephanie

Maheux, Debra

Larson, Linda

Legg, Mary Jo

Zinone, Steve