No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Aesop 


Since 1949, the Maryland Court Reporters Association has been providing social and educational opportunities as well as promoting the court reporting profession in Maryland. I’d like to take a moment to thank the men and women who have been leaders of MCRA over the past 60 years and recognize the MCRA Presidents since 1990.


1990 Alfred A. Betz 1997 Patricia A. Cirasole 2004 Martin J. Giordano
1991 Alfred A. Betz 1998 Abraham Weinapple 2005 Carla M. Sinclair
1992 Joseph Koluch 1999 Diana Kukk 2006 Lynn M. Schindler
1993 Joseph Koluch 2000 Joseph A. Grabowski  2007 David C. Corbin
1994 Joseph Koluch 2001 Shirley J. Dail 2008 Kathy A. Zeve
1995 Linda Lindsey    2002 Valerie M. Dawson 2009 Melinda J. Cody
1996 E. Duane Smith  2003 Diana Kukk 2010 Linda C. Larson
    2011 Diana Wakefield

Many of you have volunteered for the MCRA Board of Directors over the past 60 years, and your service has contributed to what MCRA is today. 

I’d like to recognize and thank the 2010 Board of Directors for everything they did for the MCRA. 

Diane Wakefield – President-elect 
Jaye Saylor – Treasurer 
Susanne Bergling - Secretary 
Cindy Davis – Director 
Melinda J. Cody – Immediate Past President 

There are a few more MCRA members that I would like to recognize and thank. Jaye Saylor has been administering the NCRA skills test. This year she will give the test three times – May, August, and November. Jaye Saylor has also been preparing the newsletter. Joseph Grabowski is currently serving as the Education Advisory Committee Chairperson. Kathy A. Zeve is currently serving as the Certification Committee Chairperson. Abe Weinapple organized the Friday golf tournament for our 2010 convention. It has been a group effort of MCRA Boards and committees since 1949 that have worked hard to ensure that MCRA will continue its goal of promoting the court reporting profession in Maryland. In 2011, we are in need of volunteers to continue working toward this goal. Please contact one of the 2011 board members if you’d like to offer your services. 


Nothing is stable. Nothing absolute. All is fluid and changeable. There is an endless "becoming". Benjamin N. Cardozo

Linda Larson, CSR, RPR, CLR - 2010 MCRA President & 2001 Immediate Past President

1990 Alfred A. Betz